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4 in 1 Multi-functional China Car/Auto Emergency Safety Life Hammer With Magnet Base and LED Flashlight Manufacturers

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China Led Safety Escape Hammer for Emergency manufacturers

4 in 1 Multi-functional Car/Auto Emergency Safety Life Hammer With Magnet Base and LED Flashlight

Emergency escape hammers are great for use at home, in the car or for office use. Escape Hammer helps you escape from a dangerous vehicle, quickly and easily. Auto escape hammer features double steel-pointed tips to break through windows and safety razor blade to cut easily through seatbelts. Led Flashlight makes the car window breaker easy to locate in case of car accident or emergency situations. Keep this lifesaving auto escape hammer tools in your car in case of an accident.

How to use Emergency Escape Hammer?
1, Install 2XAA batteries in accordance with the sign of the product, then close the lid tightly.
2, Press the neon switch 1, turning on the head light to illuminate.
3, Press LED2, 9LED Lights blink.
4, If get trouble at nights, use the magnet on the back of auto to alarm.
5, If get accidents and can not untie the self-belt, use the reamer to cut self-belt off the flee.
6, If get accidents and can not open the windows, use the hammer to break the window.


1. Features

4 in 1 Multifunction Car/Auto Safety Hammer with LED Flashlight
Led Safety Life Emergency Escape Hammer for Cars and Autos

Waterproof 4 in 1 Multi-purpose Vehicel Safety Hammer Car Multifunction Self-help Escape Emergency Hammer/Auto Window Breaker Safety Cutter with Emergency Hammer Flashing Beacon LED Flashlight and Magnetic Base

1.Lighting (SOS), lifesaving hammer, knife, Magnet 
2.Powered by 2*AA battery
3.with magnet base

4.4 in 1 for car use


6.Net weight:180g

7.Carton: 55*26*25cm(50pcs, 10kg)


2. Description

It is necessary to keep this multifunction window breaker as an escape tool in your car/auto. 
It can help you cut the seat belt and break the window when in emergency situation. And it

can be used as a flashlight when in the dark.

1) The product is small and exquisite, portable and convenient, mutli function

2) Safety emergency hammer function: escape under the emergency circs

3) Emergency flashing light: under the emergency, it makes to function of caution

4) Electric torch: use it at night, repair the car and change the tire

5) Twine knife: cut the safety belt to escape under the emergency circs

6) Magnet base: It can be attached to the car,convenience to quick lighting, maintain, change the tire etc.



3. Specification


Item No. :



Multi-functional LED Emergency Safety Hammer With Magnet and Flashlight



Run Time:

36 Hours

Beam Distance:


Bulb Type:



2 x AA

Product Material:


Product Dimensions:




Product Weight:

180 Gram

Available Color(s):



Push button

Additional Features:

Nylon Lanyard Included