6-Packs Led Road Flares

6 Packs Rechargeable Led Road Flares Green

6 Packs Rechargeable Led Road Flares Green
6 Packs Rechargeable Led Road Flares Green

LED road Flares – The Best Safety Device For roads

Regarded as a piece of safety device LED road flares are usually employed to alert people to dangers in the roadways, for example, fallen trees, closed lanes, accidents, and other identical problems. LED road flares usually carried by ambulances, fire vehicles and law-enforcement executives as a part of their regular emergency kit. Motorists also carry Led flares for different safety reasons.
LED flares comprise of insulated stick that carry explosive substances. When the flare is triggered, by pulling the tab, the fuse at the end point of LED, the bulb will stay lit for approximately fifteen to twenty minutes, depending on the manufacture of the flare. Different materials can be slotted into the led flare to avail different colour of lighting such as blue, yellow, green or red. You may also find that the LED might comprise safety measures such as spark deflector or roll prevention stand to avoid fire hazard.
LED flares usually discharge very bright lighting which makes things noticeable from a great distance – even though the condition is really poor with very bad visibility. Safety counselling for LED road flares usually comprises laying multiple bulbs in 1 row to grab the attention of coming traffic, and accumulating LEDs following they burn out entirely for safe disposal, since they can be risky. It’s also vital to store led flares in a cool & dry place. This is possibly the reason why many companies or retailers sell led flares in a protecting container. Individual driver can be set following accidents, to alert approaching traffic that there is an obstacle in the roadway. LED should be laid in road of mishaps in both the direction to ignore confusing drivers, and it carry utmost importance to being alert while fitting flare to avoid getting hit by other vehicles. The emergency responder set flares to  point out any road obstacles, aware the driver regarding obstacles on the track.
When drivers notice led safety flares on the road, they should slow down their car till they know the exact reason. If any lane is stopped up and somebody is directing traffic or ordering the drivers to detour, then they should do this in a tranquilized manner, remaining alert of risks like approaching traffic which might be speeding, or the traffic from side road which might not be expecting the cars, etc.

6 Packs Rechargeable Led Road Flares Green

• Rechargeable – no batteries required

• 9 flashing patterns (including S.O.S. Morse Code)

• Visible up to ½ mile

• Durable, crushproof, corrosion proof

• Waterproof to 50 feet

• Replaces standard incendiary flares, no flame,

no smoke or toxic perchlorate


Kit Includes:

• 6 LED Road Flares

• Recharging case

• 120-volt wall charger

• 12-volt car charger

6 Packs Rechargeable Led Road Flares Green

  • Bright LED flare can be seen from 1/2 mile

  • LED light is not a fire hazard

  • Durable, crushproof, corrosive-proof,and waterproof up to 50 feet

  • Non-Combustible

  • Includes: (6) Road Flare Strobe, 120V Charger, 12V Car Charger, carrying kit

  • 9 flashing models

  • Great for safety kits, disaster kits, emergency kits, survival kits, auto emergency kits

  • Includes: (6) Road Flare Strobe, 120V Charger, 12V Car Charger, carrying kit


1. 6 Packs Rechargeable Led Road Flares Green:

Ideals for roadside safety and traffic safety

Product size: Dia. 10cm, high 3. 5cm

Product weight: 230g

LED: 16pcs

With magnet: 1pcs 3000GS/PC


2. 6 Packs Rechargeable Led Road Flares Blue Specification
Size 10cm diameter x 3.5cm high
Weight 6.7oz. (190 g) with battery
Battery 1 CR-123 Lithium battery
Shelf-Life 10 Years
Buoyancy Positive (floats); can attach weight
Op. & Storage Temps Fahrenheit: -40/-40 to 212/248 deg F
Celsius: -40/-40 to 100/110 deg C
Emission Source 360 degree LED array: solid-state; no filament
LED Light Colors Red, amber, blue, green, white, infrared (IR).Custom colors available.
Daylight & Night Visibility Ranges Night: visible to 900M (3,000 ft) on road or water, 10 miles (16 km) from air
Day: visible to 300M (1,000 ft).
Housing Color & Material Polymer
Water Depth Rating 80M submersion
HAZMAT Hermetically sealed; intrinsically safe
Chemical Contains no hazardous chemicals, Withstands exposure to petroleum-based fuels
Switch Type Push Button
Approvals & Certifications: Complies with U.S. DOT (FMCSA) 49 CFR E 392.25 & 393.95(g).
MUTCD Type A (flashing) and Type C (solid on).
Designed to meet MIL-SPEC/MIL-STD 810 for shock, vibration, and water-resistance.


3. 6 Packs Rechargeable Led Road Flares Blue Features:

1.Safe and eco-friendly
2.No spark, open flame, fumes or toxic chemicals
3.16 super bright red LEDs are visible up to ½ mile

4.Lighting covers 360 degree direction

5.9 flashing patterns including SOS Rescue (Morse Code). Using high-capacity battery CR123 as power, built-in IC chip control LED flash, this light has 9 user-selectable flash patterns.

6. Powerful magnet to attach to metal surfaces.The strong magnet attaches to construction or highway trucks, cars, signs, or other magnetic metal surface. The blinking caution light will alert drivers to road work, accidents, or other road hazards.

7. Shatterproof,crush proof, corrosion proof waterproof:

Housing made of PC, TPE and TPR, it is even no problem allowed a car drive over it!.

Completely waterproof! It even floats! Perfect for boats and watercraft safety, also it is no problem working underwater 1/2mile.

8. Safe to use in many HAZMAT situations. Ideal for personal vehicles, commercial vehicles, RVs, boats,road hazards, signal for help, mark detours, underwater scuba or repair applications and emergency responders.

9.Standard red LED is perfect for clear weather. In foggy conditions the yellow and blue LED provide superior visibility. Also blue, green and white LED is workable!

10.Powered by a high capacity CR123 lithium battery with a storage life up to 10 years. Store temperature from-40C to + 60C.

11. 120-240V wall charger and12-24V car charger

LI battery in recharge series capacity: 700mAH/3.7V

AC charger: input voltage 100-240V, output voltage: 5.5V, output electricity 450MA

Car charger: input voltage 12-24V, output voltage: 5.5V, output electricity 450MA

Charging time: battery can be fully charged within 2-3hours.

12.How to Charge it?

1. Put the light on ground, back side is upturned.
2.Take out the ellipse charger, put the charger onto the light as photo shows below, there has a + and mark on both of light and charger, face + to + and to -.

3. Connect the USB wire with the ellipse charger, now you can charger the light through the computer USB plug.
4.If you want to charger the light through AC, please connect the AC charger.
5.If you want to charger the light through CAR Plug, take out the AC charger and connect the CAR charger instead.

When it is fully charging, the light on ellipse charger is GREEN, and when it is full charger, the light on ellipse will turn RED.

13.Flash Patterns and Running Time:


Run Time




















Note: Blue, Green and White color LED versions will run about 70-80% of listed times. Battery performance can vary from factors such as temperatures, age of the battery,  Contains a strong magnet for placement on vehicle etc.