Led Warning Triangle

60 Led Warning Triangles Led Triangles Warning Light

60 Led Warning Triangles Led Emergency Triangles Warning Light
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60 Led Warning Triangles Led Emergency Triangles Warning Light
This Led Traffic Warning Triangle can be placed at the roadside to give on-coming traffic notice that there is a broken down vehicle ahead. The led triangles has reflectors on one side to reflect the headlights of on-coming traffic. 4 metal legs open up for support.The triangle folds flat and is stored in a plastic case or color box.

60 Led Warning Triangles Led Emergency Triangles Warning Light

1.With 60 led lights(3X20 LED)

2.Foldable and easy to carry

3.3XAA battery powered

4.with ON/OFF switch

5.Magnet base attaches to car or metal surface(magnet is optional)


7.Suitable to use in day and night, forged, rainy and snowy days.
8.Increases safety by warning other vehicles and pedestrians
9.Ideal for vehicle breakdowns
10.Store in the car boot for emergencies



Led warning light will bring you safe and secure and can be used as follows.

*The uses are limited only by your imagination. Customers who need a reliable, ultra-rugged, ultra-bright light can range from SCUBA divers, hikers, and cyclists .

*Search & rescue (SAR) operations: tag areas and items; personal safety light; emergency response teams

*Led triangle warning light use as lantern in case of power failure, earthquake, hurricane or other disaster

*Work zone safety: mount on cones or barricades

*led triangle warning light seen in the dark. Be bright at night on the road at a construction site or work site. Alert other workers or passers-by that you need help and are under duress when shouting does not help and want help from emergency services.

LED triangle warning light is an ideal signal light to identify Road Hazards, Mark Detours, Underwater Repair Applications And More and A great item to keep in your vehicle at all times that can be used to signal for help or identify road hazards and used for traffic control, firefighters, EMTs, rescue services, first responders, members of emergency response teams and the general public and used in cars, trucks, boats, RVs, semi-trucks, construction zones, and emergency response vehicles.


LED WARNING TRIANGLE is suitable for different cars for accident caution and powered by batteries,easy replacementand,

long distance high visibility. LED WARNING TRIANGLE is collapsible for easy storage.




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