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Rechargeable Led Road Flares 6 Pack Red

China Rechargeable Led Road Flares 6 Pack Red Manufacturer Factory Supplier
1.Red Rechargable Led Road Flare 6-Pack with Rechargeable/Storage Case and Charger
China Rechargeable Led Road Flares 6 Pack Red Manufacturer Factory Supplier

Role of LED Road Flares to Safeguard Life while Traveling on Roads
In today’s life every person looking for a non –toxic light source which will protect the environment from getting harms. LED light have no flames, smoke or any harmful toxic. And in the traffic safety, a good lighting source is required. Whenever the lights go off or in some emergency you need a proper light as a backup it is the most important thing which will need during an emergency situation. Emergency light is always required whether in a huge storm or when a car hit the electric pole, huge traffic accident, tornado, we should always prepare with the emergency lighting as a backup.

LED road flares are environmentally safety emergency source of light; it is flameless, non-toxic, waterproof, and crushproof included by a variety of ultra-bright LED light instead of flame. The LED road flares are great alternative compared to other flares, through LED any car accident around roadways or in any traffic changes can visible clearly.  LED is used in lots of application for traffic safety requirement.
This new application is becoming very common also, the issues of the wrong way driver the LED flashlight is shown much more effective than a normal wrong way which doesn’t have any flashlight or light. By inserting the LED flashlight in or around the sign it will help the wrong way driver to see the sign and go away before entering the highway. In the research, it is seen the light help vastly, but the LED
For traffic safety a new innovation is developed which is super-sized road flares it has features of LED technology.in this flares the different features are included like flashlight patterns and also these flares are smoke and flame free.in this self-charging is also developed and in one charge it can last up to 10 hours. The LED flares are using everywhere; it will help the person to take the necessary action during the emergency situation. Even also it is very easy to use and it is a smart way to save money.

China Rechargeable Led Road Flares 6 Pack Red Manufacturer Factory Sypplier
The Rechargeeable Led Road Flares 6 Pack work well and are a great safety and emergency light as well as ones to keep around the home for safety and regular use.

Rechargeable LED Road Flares 6 Pack is the 9-in-1 highly visible LED flare. The Rechargeable 9 in 1 Led Road Flares is an ingenious safety product that should travel with everyone who drives a motorcycle or car. This compact ultra bright flare will make you and your vehicle visible from a half mile away. The ultra bright led light has 9 different functions and light patterns. Several light patterns are directional so it can be used as a flashlight for roadside repairs and inspections.

If you have to stop on the side of the road, just grab the Rechargeable  9 in 1 Led Road Flares Light and it attaches to your motorcycle or car in seconds with the heavy duty magnets. On coming traffic will see you better and much better thus greatly increasing safety. Grad one for your motorcycle and each car and you and your family will have the peace of mind of having visibility in the event of a roadside stop.

The Rechargeable LED Road Flares is a red LED rechargeable light with 9 separate light and flashing combinations for safety and emergency use that recharges easily with the enclosed adapters.The Rechargeable LED Road Flares includes the puck light itself, a magnetic base for charging, a car outlet and household plug in with a USB cable for charging. The Road Flares has the USB cable for plugging the charge base into either the household adapter or the vehicle adapter as well as your computer or other USB powered device.

Led Road Flares is a great device to make you and your car seen and safe. If your car breaks down at night, in the fog or rain day,Magnetic Rechargeable Led Road Flares will make your car seen to prevent traffic accident at night or on a rainy or foggy day. Led Road Flares
is a great item item for traffic control, power blackouts, earthquakes, rescue signal, car driver, tactical police, military operations, vehicle breakdown, firefighters, EMTs, SCUBA diving, rescue services, first responders, members of emergency response teams and the general public and widely used in bike, cars, motorcycle, trucks, boats, equipments, marine, RVs, semi-trucks, airport, construction zones, DUI checkpoints, mass casualty, disaster incidents, personal safety and emergency response vehicles.

Led Road Flares is especially designed for police, firefighters and rescue first responders to assist them during their work. This unique technology is now available to consumers and essential to keep in your automobile and to take along on your next boating, biking or hiking trip.
This compact led safety puck light emits 360
° of ultra-bright light from an array of 16 LEDs, visible up to 10 miles away. led safety flare manufacturersis very durable, water proof and can resist extreme temperatures.

Led Road Flares has 9 flash patterns; including U.S. Coast Guard approved SOS-Morse code. It runs up to 100 hours on the replaceable CR-123A non rechargeable battery. The unit can be mounted to metal object using attached magnet or hung using eyelet or by simply placing on ground.

Led road flares is a lighting option specifically designed to be mounted onto emergency, construction, or work vehicles. Led road flares are designed to provide highly visible warning and caution to on coming vehicles when your car breaks down, to approaching motorists of potential hazards and specific directions to motorists, protect your safety and prevent car crash. Led road flares is used as lantern in case of power failure, earthquake, hurricane or other disaster.It is seen in the dark. Be bright at night on the road at a construction site or work site. Alert other workers or passers-by that you need help and are under duress when shouting does not help and want help from emergency services. Each led warning light is designed with an easy-to-install assembly for any truck, fleet, or emergency vehicles application.

1. Led Road Flares 6 Pack Advantages

• Made of High Quality PC/TPR Housing and silicone Lens.
• Built-in On/Off Switch Control with 9 Flashing Mode
• Versatile Purposes: For traffic control, Warning Light, Emergency Beacon, etc..
• 360° Coverage with strong magnet base attaching to any flat metal surfaces.
• Great for Roof Top, Front/Rear Hood, Car Door, Motorcycle Saddlebag.
• Powered by rechargeable lithium batteries
• Applicable to Most Auto Car Vehicle Automobile, SUV, Pickup Trucks, ATV, UTV Motorcycle, Boat.

2. Led Road Flares 6 Pack Specification

Light Name

LED Road Flares 6 Pack

Bulb Type

16 super LEDs

Power Source

1000mAh 3.7V rechargeable battery

Built-in IC chip control 9 user-selectable flash patterns









LED Range

Can be seen 300Meter at daytime, 800Meter at night and 10miles in the water


Mainly used on police, government, fire department and so on

Contains a strong magnet for placement on vehicle

Completely waterproof even if floats, perfect for boats and watercraft safety.

Warning Light LED color for choice

Red, Orange, Amber, Yellow, Blue, Green, Black, White

*. Rechargeable US or EU AC wall charger, car adaptor and USB wire include,

*. Can be seen 500Meter at daytime, 1000Meter at night and 10miles in the water.

*. AC wall charger input 100-240V, output 5V 500MA, fully charged within 9 to 12 hours.

3. Led Road Flares 6 Pack Features
1. Safer and ecologically better for our environment then flame style emergency road flares. No spark, open flame, fumes or toxic chemicals are produced when using the Led road flares.
2. Shock resistant construction make the warning light very durable and can withstand the impact of roadside traffic. Can even be run over by a truck and still operate. Used by fire. Police, and other emergency responders.
3. Lie flat or on its edge depending on your reference. Place on the road, on construction sites, vehicle bumper or other surface, and anywhere needing emergency signaling.
4. The Led road flares is waterproof and floats on water so it may be used for marine application and safely in wet environments, including submerged to a depth of 33 feet. Will float unless secured.
5. Using the magnet on the back, attach to any magnetic metal surface. Place on a vehicle, fence, or other metal surface.
6. LED road flares will keep a full charge for 90 days. After 6 months, it keeps 70% power; Ater 1 year, keeps 50% power; After 2 years, it keeps 40% power.

Press ON/OFF button on led road flares to select the following 9 light patterns.

Rotate 9 hours
Quad-Flash 14 hours
Single-Blink 25 hours
Alternating Blinks 3 hours
SOS Rescue(Morse Code) 8 hours
Steady on - High 3 hours
Steady on - Low 15 hours
2 LED Flashlight 8 hours
4 LED Illuminate 4 hours


1. Press ON/OFF button to switch ON
2. Push ON/OFF button to select from 9 different flash patterns
3. Press ON/OFF button and hold down for 3 seconds to switch OFF

To turn off the led traffic warning light without cycling through the 9 light pattern, just press and hold ON/OFF button for 3 seconds. TWO LEDs will flash five times and then turn off. When ready to operate again, press ON/OFF button to return to the last flash pattern before turning off.


1.Put on led hazard light with front side facing up. The (+) and (-) terminal symbols will be aligned.

2.Plug 12V/24V car charger or 120V/220V wall charger into power port of charger.
3.Connect to power supply, the indicator light will light up as below.

Charging: The indicator light aside warning light turns RED and make a Green/Red alternating flash.

Fully Charged: The indicator light aside warning light stops flash and keep steady                                 


1.If indicator light turns red, not flashing, it means led hazard light is placed incorrectly and can not be charged

2.It is not recommended that you disassemble the led warning light. If it is not reassembled correctly, it may result in failure of the waterproof seal and damage to the unit.

4. Led Road Flares 6 Pack Application

Led road flares will bring you safe and secure and can be used as follows.
• 1. Fault car traffic warning
• 2. Police the road planning label
• 3. Surface buoys and maritime salvage label
• 4. Heavy vehicle transport warning
• 5. Outdoor lighting
• 6. Camping or hiking routes identification
• 7. Rescue operations identification
• 8. Emergency or temporary runway label
• 9. Emergency vehicles to be found, such as ambulance, helicopter landing zones urgently.

*The uses are limited only by your imagination. Customers who need a reliable, ultra-rugged, ultra-bright light can range from SCUBA divers, hikers, and cyclists .

*Search & rescue (SAR) operations: tag areas and items; personal safety light; emergency response teams

*Led Road Flares is use das lantern in case of power failure, earthquake, hurricane or other disaster

*Attach as a safety light for bicycles and motorcycles

*SCUBA diving / boating and marine operations

*Work zone safety: mount on cones or barricades

*Led Road Flares is seen in the dark. Be bright at night on the road at a construction site or work site. Alert other workers or passers-by that you need help and are under duress when shouting does not help and want help from emergency services.

Led Road Flares is an ideal signal light to identify Road Hazards, Mark Detours, Underwater Repair Applications And More and A great item to keep in your vehicle at all times that can be used to signal for help or identify road hazards and used for traffic control, firefighters, EMTs, rescue services, first responders, members of emergency response teams and the general public and used in cars, trucks, boats, RVs, semi-trucks, construction zones, and emergency response vehicles.

The Rechargeable Led Road Flares  6 Packs has 9 functions with the ring of red Led lights that circle it giving you the various combinations using an included computer circuit to light up the RED LED’s. The light combinations include rotating around the puck, quad flash, single blink, alternating blinks, SOS Morse code, steady on with high and low output, 2 and 4 LED flashlight.

The Led Road Flares 6 Pack is a great safety light with the various attention getting flashing and blinking lights along with the on with two or four of the LED’s to use for a regular flashlight. The two and four LED lights work well for emergency use like changing a tire or finding your way when the power goes out while the rest are great for attention getting.

Why LED Road Flares are of Exclusive Options for Car Owners/Drivers ?
Are you looking for a sophisticated lighting system to install in your car or other similar vehicle? If your answer is yes, you should go for LED powered flare lights. Strobe lights or LED flare lighting system is an advanced device capable to perform different types of functions and that too by working as a power saving option for its users. In this article, experts have attempted to mention various exclusive features of LED flares and lights available in the market to meet different purposes, along with the functions as lighting systems in vehicles.

Red Led Road Flares Rechargeable
Simplest Products Available in the Market
Best thing about every product available as Led road flares are simplest and easiest light strobes or lighting systems. One can easily find these product