Single Pack Led Road Flares

Rechargeable Led Road Flares Kits Blue

Rechargeable Led Road Flares Kits Blue
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Rechargeable Led Road Flares Kits Blue

LED Road Flares Are the For Emergency Lighting And Environment Safety
LED road flares were originally developed for uses during emergencies. The standard road flares are composed of combustible materials intended to ignite & source a sparkle to keep the flame going. The conventional road-flare will burn-out in just fifteen minute. However, modern LED road flares are made to last from 20 to 140 hours relying on the model you choose. These flares won’t just save you time from using inflammable flares, but also save you cash by ignoring the frequent reapplication which’ll keep you secure as you won’t require to go back into traffic to reapply the flare. Besides that you can ignore burning yourself & the employ of costly uniforms. Employing LED road flares also terminates utilizing risky chemicals that can injure the atmosphere, or probably commence a fire.
LED emergency flares can be used many different ways. No matter what the reason is for attempting to grab peoples’ attention, LED road flares are here to save the day. Given these facts, we have found the two most typical categories for the use of LED road flares to be either professional use or recreational use. So, let’s have a brief look at them:

Professional uses:
Professionals are more likely to use LED road flares more regularly, probably every day. Professional uses are generally for security reasons or the circumstance of their working conditions. These sorts of users are from fire departments, law-enforcement officials, military, hospitals, etc. professional users often discover LED road flares can be helpful for lane closures, DUI checkpoints, search & rescue, simulations/training, traffic and crowd control. These flares are also very helpful for landing zones. We’ve also noticed pros that work in low lighting condition and are not able to employ flames like mining, construction, work zone make use of LED fares quite significantly. LED beacons are also generally employed stroehouse and in other industrial settings. Many of these uses encompass spill or hazardous markings, general storehouse safety and non-verbal communication.

Recreational uses:
Recreational or civilian users also find LED emergency flares quite handy. For these kinds of users, led flares can be employed in a wide range of settings like boating, personal traffic breakdowns, hiking, fishing, biking, RVs, power cut and many other situations. Non-emergency recreational uses can be for low lighting conditions or conditions where electricity mayn’t accessible for a range of reasons.
LED road flares are small and light weight. They are easy to carry & travel with, making them a great addition to any emergency kit, boating, camping or professional work situation.

Rechargeable Led Road Flares Kits BlueRechargeable Led Road Flares Kits Blue

Single Pack Led Road Flares Kit

  • 1X LED Road Flare

  • 1X USB charger/power cable with cigarette lighter adapter plug

  • 1 X100-240VAC wall charger

6 Packs Rechargeable Led Road Flares Kits Blue

6-Pack Led Road Flares Kit

  • 6X LED Road Flares

  • 1X USB charger/power cable with cigarette lighter adapter plug

  • 1X100-240VAC wall charger

  • 1X Charging Case

How to charge it ?

1. Put flares  into charging case with front side facing up. The (+) and (-) terminal symbols will be aligned.

2. Plug 12V/24V car charger or 110V/220V wall charger into power port of charging case.

3. Connect to power supply, the indicator light aside flares will light up as below.

Charging: The indicator light aside flares turn RED and make a Green/Red alternating flash.

Fully Charged:  The indicator light aside flares stop flash and keep steady after 8 to 10  hours.


If indicator light turns red, not flashing, it means flares is placed incorrectly and can not be charged.

If so, move flare left or right, up or down and the indicator light will flash and flares start to charge.

Flash Pattern and Run Time


Flash Pattern

Run Time



15 hours


Double Flash

22 hours


Single Flash

70 hours


Alternate  Flash

8 hours



12 hours


Steady-ON High

2 hours


Steady-ON Low

17 hours


2 LEDS  Flashlight

14 hours


4 LEDS  Flashlight

7 hours

How to use led road flares?

1.  Press ON/OFF button to switch ON

2.  Push ON/OFF button to select from 9 different flash patterns

3.  Press ON/OFF button and hold down for 3 seconds to switch OFF


1.Traffic control, warning lights, rescue beacon, hiking.

2.Police, firefighters, EMTs, rescue first responders, and members of emergency  response teams. Offers a great addition to personal safety equipment for any motorist in an event of a breakdown or accident.

3. Led Road Flares is a great device for road safety and a must-have for safe driving on  rainy, foggy or snowy days or at night, to prevent traffic accident, death  and injuries in case of flat tires, engine trouble, dead batteries and car breakdowns.

4. Identify road hazards, signal for help, mark detours, underwater scuba or repair applications.