24 Led Road Flares

Yellow Rechargeable 24 Led Road Flares Power Flares Safety Flares Kits

Yellow Rechargeable 24 Led Road Flares Power Flares Safety Flares Kits

Yellow Rechargeable 24 Led Road Flares Power Flares Safety Flares
Yellow Rechargeable 24 Led Road Flares Power Flares Safety Flares
LED Power Flares and Strobe Lights Offer All Round Advantages to Users

LED strobe light or flare is an advanced type of device, which performs large numbers of functions but consumes relatively less power. In fact, you should consider it as the simplest light strobe that comes in laced format with 1Watt of LED in wide range of colors, which include green, blue, gray, red and amber.

LED Road flares and lights provide two distinct features than other types of lighting systems found mainly in emergency vehicles. Main strength of such products is found in the flexibility they offer. Kits of these lighting or flares include different types of mounting brackets to provide maximum possible chances of mounting such products at an appropriate angle.

Another interesting feature included in LED strobe lighting systems is dazzling flashing type of pattern. According to experts, LED products perform functions at the fastest possible speed, which is almost close to speed of lasers and a person may receive up to 15 different flashes in one second.

Based on this, individuals may opt to use them on ambulances, cop vans, on highways in the form of LED power flares, party venues, fire engines and many more. Especially, individuals may not deny the significance of these lighting systems, where car drivers and motorists have to stay very much cautious to assure safety on road. If this is not enough, you will find usage of these modern times lighting systems in almost every place, where people require dazzling lights to entice many nearby people.

LED products, like strobe lights and flares also come with the feature of portability. This is because such lighting systems give customization options to people. However, actual numbers of bulbs may vary largely. Even users may choose to assemble LEDs modules in arrays and alter actual numbers of modules based on practical application of the light. Here, each strobe is available with its own inbuilt controlling circuit to allow changes in flashing patterns.

You will also get the option to decrease or increase the actual numbers of flashes available in one second. In addition, you may alter the existing sequence, where bulbs of different color combinations with start glowing.

Since the flexibility associated with each of these programs remains embedded within a suitable controller chip a single unit of light becomes relatively simple and less complicated.

 1. Led Power Flares Specification

2.with strong magnet base
3. with 12v car chareger or 110v/240v ac wall charger
4. One heat resistant rechargeable CR123 lithium battery 
5. PCB with over-charging function
6. 24 Super bright LEDs
7. Lighting distance: 1/2 mile
8. 24PCS super bright orange LED bulbs, working life is more than 100,000 hours
9.Working model: 9 in 1 flashing

9 Flash  Patterns

Operating  Time


7 hours

Quad Flash

7 hours

Single Blink

50 hours

Alternating Blinks

7 hours

S.O.S. (Morse Code)

12 hours

Steady on - high

4 hours

Steady on - low

30 hours

2-LED Flashlight

7 hours

4-LED Flashlight

5 hours

10.Weight: 230g
11. Color: Yellow, red, blue, green, and white
12. Size: 10 diameter, 3.5cm high
13. Charging time: two to three hours
14. Working temp: --40 degree ---- + 60 degree
15. Life time: Three to five years
16. Warranty: 6 months
17.Easy installation, no maintenance
18. Environmentally friendly, no pollution
19. Led energy-based power source
20. High visibility LED's help ensure easy and safe night driving
21. Ideal for highways, parking lots, roads and similar isolated or stand-alonetraffic applications