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Led Shoelaces

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Led Shoelaces, Led Shoe Laces, LED Light ShoeLaces, LED Light Shoe Laces

As the name is a simple belt for shoes, but this is not an ordinary tape, used to tie shoes inside, outside surface decoration, adjust the tightness of the ankle shoes, ensure safety etc.. Widely used in all kinds of sports shoes, casual shoes, dress shoes.


According to historical records, as early as 5000 years ago, humans have used shoelaces laces for decoration regulation. Archaeologists in the Central Asian countries Armenia a mountain cave, found a pair of an estimated five thousand five hundred year history of the leather shoes laces, this is by far the oldest, was found in the leather shoes. Those well preserved shoes, toe and heel are laces decoration.


In the pursuit of individuality and fashion today, shoelace has not only been used as a functional products. It is a match different dress style fashion accessories, the simple accessories shoes shows your personality.

LED light up shoelace, is not a professional shoe lace, but it’s with some new idea and function than normal shoelace, fitted with led light and fiber and battery, this lead the shoelace light in night, just as LED light are with so many different nice light in night, the shoe lace can take this too. If you will have a lovely night or nice evening party and if you are wearing a led light up shoe lace, you must be special for boys or girls, unless you can let them put more attention on you. For a personal birthday party, if you can give each of your friends a nice light LED shoelace, this might take your friends and you a lovely evening, a excited evening.


Use it, if you need to be focus of all the persons, don’t forget to wearing it for event, night outside joking, playing, party, all night occasion with your friends.


This magically Flashing LED shoelaces is suitable for any kinds of Shoes, including running shoes, boots and skate. It also can be used as Necklaces, Bracelets as well. Besides, it can be worn on your pets or anywhere you can think of. Fashion design make it useful and fashionable!


1. Flashing Led Shoelaces Features:

1.Lace Length: Approx 110cmX0.7cm

3.Powered by 120Mah lithium batteries. Long bright cases 30 hours of continuous flashing or gap discharge is 60-80 hours, normal use, 2 to 3 months to replace batteries, have been sold at a convenience store or supermarket!

4.3 flashing modes - Quick flashing,Slow flashing,Steady on

5.A waterproof, washable, durable and safe gift for children and teenagers over the age of 6.

6.LED light source + high pervious to light optical fiber, focusing is strong, good exposure (whole shoelaces homogeneous soft glow) effect is much better than the plastic pipe material.

7. Suitable for running shoes, boots and skates, roller skates, shoes, basketball shoes, football shoes, children's shoes, casual shoes, sports shoes, suitable for outdoor sports, running at night, the big festival evening party, concert, promotion, cheer and other activities,Great for parties, night jogging and all kinds of night time fun and can also be used as necklaces, bracelets for Halloween, Christmas, New Year, etc.

8. Waterproof, high brightness of dazzle colour light walking, focus of attention